Another reason why we love Manchester!

Bell Events hosted an amazing client trip at the iconic Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester last Friday night. Laura and Sarah hosted five of our fantastic clients with their guest for an exciting night of dining, drinking and ‘secret agent missions’ to experience the venue.

The night began with a drinks reception in Opus One so everyone could relax and get to know each other; this was then followed by a site visit. The first space we were shown was the Halle Suite, which is the largest space in the venue accommodating up to 400 delegates in theatre. We were also shown the Walter Suite, which is a light and airy room and can be used for private dinners or board meetings. The venue has a total of 22 meeting spaces that can be used for a variety of events, from conferences to gala dinners. Also due to the fact that the hotel is set inside the historic Free Trade Hall, there are many artefacts in the meeting spaces as a nod to the buildings former use.

Following on from the site visit, everyone made their way back to Opus One into a semi private area that had been cornered off especially for Bell Events. Guests were then served Bell Events themed cocktails, such as Passion Bell and L.B! Whilst the guests were distracted Laura and Sarah were given their Bell Events Secret Agent tasks; the other guests had already received their task in their bedrooms! The tasks were to say a phrase to as many people in the group as possible without anyone realising it was part of the game.

Shortly after the cocktails were finished the guests all took their seats around the table, in front of all of the attendees there was a menu of what was being served. There was also a small bit of paper and a pen, which we later learnt that we needed to write down an interesting or embarrassing fact about ourselves, let’s just say we learnt a lot about the people around us!!

After everybody being successfully embarrassed it was time for the dinner to be served! We were served 4 courses - each was amazing and very different. During the meal the drinks continued to flow and everybody was well underway with their ‘tasks’. After the last course was served it was time to reveal what tasks everybody had! There were things such as taking as many selfies as possible, telling everybody you had broken the TV in your bedroom and saying that everything you ate tasted like broccoli!

Shortly after everybody had been exposed and the last round of drinks had been consumed the guests retired to their luxurious and comfy bedrooms for a wonderful nights sleep!

Following on from the client trip we have received lovely emails of thanks and praise for the evening, our clients were impressed by the Radisson and the exceptional standard of service throughout their stay!

For further information about the Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester or our future client events, please email us at or call us on 01260 274 608

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